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Squib Switches
squib switches

NEco producers a full line of rugged, miniature squib actuated switches.

Developed with a unique locking feature that assures positive retention of the switched position. This ‘one-shot’ reliability is imperative in missiles, weapons, and aerospace applications where extreme conditions of shock, load, and vibration exist.
NEco's squib switches are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole configurations, with various make and break combinations. Each pole is rated for 10 amps continuous current and capable of much higher currents in pulsed applications.
Actuated by squibs of various sensitivities with ultra-fast or time-delayed characteristics, NEco switches out-perform large, environment-sensitive relays in critical areas such as weight saving, simultaneous switching of multi-high current circuits, and accuracy and stability under extreme environmental conditions.
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