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pyrotechnic cable cutter plus cord wire tube cutters

Pyrotechnic Cutters - Cord, Wire, Cable and Tube Cutters

Pyrotechnic cord cutters are designed to cut lanyards, cables, and cords. A popular version of this device simultaneously severs a Kevlar® Cable (rated at 750 lbs.) and two 24 AWG wires within 10 milliseconds of initiation.

Pyrotechnic cable cutters and wire cutters are designed to cut both solid and multiple stranded wire within 20 milliseconds of initiation. One variant of this device severs a solid 0.033” diameter stainless steel spring wire in less than 20 milliseconds.

Tube cutters are designed to open pressure diaphragms or to completely sever metal tubes of varying diameters and wall thicknesses, including those carrying pressurized fluids. The cutters are available with RFI protection in accordance with MIL-M-23700.

Give us a call today for all your pyro cutter needs including pyrotechnic cable cutters, cord cutters and pyrotechnic igniter cutters.
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