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Networks Electronic Company (NEco) designs, manufacturers and tests high-reliability mini-pyrotechnic devices and ordnance products offering system solutions to the aerospace, commercial and defense industries. Since 1953, products manufactured by Networks have flown on missiles, satellites, rockets, and commercial and military aircraft. Additionally, NEco products are on more commercial related systems like fire retardation systems. Our parts have journeyed to the moon aboard the Lunar Lander, and help to protect the peace here in the US and worldwide. For more than six decades, Networks’ innovation and cost-effective designs have been integral components in some of the most important and complex machinery on and above the Earth.  

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Building on the former Networks Electronic Corporation’s experience, a management buy-out in May of 2005 redirected NEco as a privately held, US manufacturer tackling the next level of design innovation, integrity and customer service. NEco is an ISO 9001 certified, woman-owned small business manufacturer. Our commitment to the latest, state-of-the-art but proven design and manufacturing technology ensures robustness in the design, reliability in the product and delivers true value for our customers. At NEco, we are dedicated to building partnerships with our customers based on performance and value at every level of the organization. Our entire team is committed to being the best in the business when it comes to reliable and cost-effective pyrotechnic and ordnance solutions.

We invite you to experience the NEco difference – put our team to work and let us show you what more than a half century of experience, innovation and quality can do for you. NEco is your premier provider for reliable, value-driven mini-pyrotechnic and ordnance solutions. Contact us today.

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